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Game Systems

ProductPublisherPublisher StoreDTRPG [AL]RPGNow [AL]Amazon [AL]Lulu
Adventure Fantasy GameLost Pages
Adventurer Conqueror KingAutarch
Adventures in the East MarkeXtra-Dimensional Publishing
AftermathFantasy Games Unlimited
Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic EditionFiligree Forge
Basic Fantasy RoleplayingThe Basic Fantasy RPG Project
Basic RoleplayingChaosium
Blueholme Prentice RulesDreamscape Design
BraunsteinOlde House Rules
BushidoFantasy Games Unlimited
Call of Cthulhu 6th EditionChaosium
Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition (Quickstart)Chaosium
Castle FalkensteinR Talsorian
Castles & CrusadesTroll Lord Games
ClassifiedExpeditious Retreat Press
CorruptionThistle Games
Crimson Dragon SlayerKort'thalis Publishing
CryptworldGoblinoid Games
D&D Basic Set Ð DMÕs Rulebook (BECMI ed.)Wizards of the Coast
D&D Basic Set Ð PlayerÕs Manual (BECMI ed.)Wizards of the Coast
Dark ConspiracyGame Designer's Workshop
Dark DungeonsGratis Games
Dragon WarriorsSerpent King Games
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPGGoodman Games
Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook 5eWizards of the Coast
Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set 5EWizards of the Coast
Earthdawn Fourth Edition PlayerÕs GuideFASA
Fantasy Hero 6th EditionHero Games
Fantasy Hero CompleteHero Games
FASERIPGratis Games
FATEEvil Hat Games
Into The OddLost Pages
Iron FalconThe Basic Fantasy RPG Project
King Arthur Pendragon 5.1Nocturnal
Labyrinth LordGoblinoid Games
Lamentations of the Flame PrincessLamentations of the Flame Princess
MegaTravellerGame Designer's Workshop
Moldvay/Cook B/X BasicWizards of the Coast
Moldvay/Cook B/X ExpertWizards of the Coast
Mutant FutureGoblinoid Games
OpenQuest 2 DeluxeD101 Games
Pits & PerilsOlde House Rules
RenegadeThistle Games
Ruins & RoninHydra Collective
Rules CyclopediaWizards of the Coast
Runequest 6The Design Mechanism
Runequest EssentialsThe Design Mechanism
Scarlet HeroesSine Nomine Publishing
Seven Voyages of ZylarthenCampion & Clitherow
Silent LegionsSine Nomine Publishing
Star Fleet: A Call to ArmsAmarillo Design Bureau
Stars Without NumbersSine Nomine Publishing
Starships & Spacemen 2eGoblinoid Games
Swords & Wizardry CompleteFrog God Games
Swords & Wizardry WhiteboxMythmere Games
The Secret FireSecret Fire Games
Thousands SunsGrognardia Games
Torg: Revised & ExpandedUlisses Spiele
White StarBarrel Rider Games
WhiteHackChristian Mehrstam
ZweihŠnderGrim & Perlious Studios


ProductPublisherPublisher StoreDTRPG [AL]RPGNow [AL]Amazon [AL]Lulu
30 Things Can Happen!Creative Mountain Games
A Magical Medieval Society: On the Naming of PlacesExpeditious Retreat Press
A Magical Medieval Society: Western EuropeExpeditious Retreat Press
ACK Player's CompanionAutarch
Advanced Adventures #32 The Palace BeyondExpeditious Retreat Press
Advanced Adventures Compendium OneExpeditious Retreat Press
Advanced Adventures Compendium ThreeExpeditious Retreat Press
Advanced Adventures Compendium TwoExpeditious Retreat Press
Adventures in the East Mark Narrator ScreeneXtra-Dimensional Publishing
Ancient Temple 01Paratime Design
Androids, Aliens & AberrationsIvanhoe Unbound
Anomalous Subsurface Environment 1Patrick Wetmore
Anomalous Subsurface Environment 2Patrick Wetmore
B1: In Search of the UnknownWizards of the Coast
B10: Night's Dark TerrorWizards of the Coast
B11: King's FestivalWizards of the Coast
B12: Queen's HarvestWizards of the Coast
B2: Keep on the BorderlandsWizards of the Coast
B3: Palace of the Silver PrincessWizards of the Coast
B4: The Lost CityWizards of the Coast
B5: Horror on the HillWizards of the Coast
B6: The Veiled SocietyWizards of the Coast
B7: RahasiaWizards of the Coast
B8: Journy to the RockWizards of the Coast
B9: Castle Caldwell & BeyondWizards of the Coast
Barrowmaze CompleteGregg Gillespie
Barrowmaze CompleteGreg Gillespie
Barrowmaze IGreg Gillespie
Barrowmaze IIGreg Gillespie
Basic Fantasy Field GuideThe Basic Fantasy RPG Project
Beasts & Barbarians Golden EditionGRAmel
Bird of A FeatherLesser Gnome
Birthright Campaign SettingWizards of the Coast
Book of ArmiesNocturnal
Buccaneers & Bilge RatsBarrel Rider Games
C2: The Ghost Tower of InvernessWizards of the Coast
Castles & Crusades Bluffside City on the EdgeTroll Lord Games
Castles & Crusades Book of FamiliarsTroll Lord Games
Castles & Crusades Castles Keepers GuideTroll Lord Games
Castles & Crusades Codex CeltarumTroll Lord Games
Castles & Crusades Codex NordicaTroll Lord Games
Castles & Crusades Monsters & TreasureTroll Lord Games
Castles & Crusades Players Handbook 6th PrintingTroll Lord Games
Castles & Crusades Rune LoreTroll Lord Games
Chivalry & Sorcery 4th EditionBrittania Game Designs Ltd.
Class CompendiumBarrel Rider Games
Classic Dragonlance BundleWizards of the Coast
Clement SectorGypsy Knight Games
Comes The MountainGus L
Creature CompendiumNew Big Dragon Games Unlimited
Crown of QthukenGrumblefist Old School RPG Jams
Cyclopean Deeps Volume 1Frog God Games
d30 GM CompanionNew Big Dragon Games Unlimited
d30 Sandbox CompanionNew Big Dragon Games Unlimited
Dark DruidsChaotic Henchmen Productions
Death Frost DoomLamentations of the Flame Princess
Death in the TreklantTroll Lord Games
Death Love DoomLamentations of the Flame Princess
DL2: Dragons of FlameWizards of the Coast
Double Feature Charity ModuleInfiniBadger Press
Dragon UnionD-oom Publishing
Dungeon Monthly Ð 2013 CompilationCrooked Stafff Publishing
Dungeon Monthly Ð 2014 CompilationCrooked Stafff Publishing
Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition Monster ManualWizards of the Coast
Dwimmermount ACKS EditionAutarch
Dwimmermount Dungeon TrackerAutarch
Dwimmermount Illustration BookAutarch
Dwimmermount Labyrinth Lord EditionAutarch
Dwimmermount Map BookAutarch
Dyson's Delves IIZero Barrier Publishing
Frozen in TimeGoodman Games
G1-3 Against the GiantsWizards of the Coast
Galaxy Guide 16: The Old RepublicThe Rancor Pit
GAZ1: The Grand Duchy of KarameikosWizards of the Coast
Giants in the EarthPinhammer Games
Grandpappy Cromdar's Whizbang Zoo!David Lewis Johnson
Hack & Slash Compendium IIHack & Slash Publishing
Hessaret's TreasureThe Design Mechanism
Hex Crawl Chronicles 1Frog God Games
Hill Cantons Compendium IIHydra Collective
How to HexcrawlTaskboy Games
HS2: The Forsaken Burial VaultsJeremy Reaban
In The Name ofThree Sages Games
Liberation of the Demon SlayerKortÕthalis Publishing
Lost City of the Dwarves Part 1:DiscoveryPen & Forge Productions
Lost City of the Dwarves Part 2:DeliverancePen & Forge Productions
LURCH! The Zombie Chess GameCreative Mountain Games
Lusus NaturaeNeoplastic Press
Mad Monks of KwantoomKabuki Kaiser
Malevolent and BenignExpeditious Retreat Press
MCMLXXV (1975)Frog God Games
MegaTraveller Arrival VengeanceGame Designer's Workshop
MegaTraveller Assignment: VigilanteGame Designer's Workshop
MegaTraveller Astrogator's Guide to the Diaspora SectorGame Designer's Workshop
MegaTraveller COACCGame Designer's Workshop
MegaTraveller Hard TimesGame Designer's Workshop
MegaTraveller Rebellion SourcebookGame Designer's Workshop
MegaTraveller Referee's CompanionGame Designer's Workshop
Monster IslandChaosium
MonstrositiesFrog God Games
Mythic BritainChaosium
N4: Treasure HuntWizards of the Coast
Night of the Walking DeadWizards of the Coast
One Page Dungeon Compendium 2012Random Wizard
One Page Dungeon Compendium 2013Random Wizard
One Page Dungeon Compendium 2014Random Wizard
Operation Rogue LionExpeditious Retreat Press
Optional Skill Resolution RulesSpes Magna Games
Outer Space Raiders! Volume 1: ClassesMagic Pig Media
Petty GodsNew Big Dragon Games Unlimited
Planescape Campaign SettingWizards of the Coast
PSE1: Kajak's Cave Labyrinth LordIron Tavern Press
PSE1: Kajak's Cave Swords & WizardryIron Tavern Press
PSE6: HellspikeIron Tavern Press
Rappan Athuk Expansions 2014 Swords & WizardryFrog God Games
Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Revised, Boxed SetWizards of the Coast
Red and Pleasant LandLamentations of the Flame Princess
Red TideSine Nomine Publishing
Revelry in TorthKortÕthalis Publishing
Rewarding RoleplayingSpes Magna Games
Ruins of the UndercityKabuki Kaiser
Ryubix ManorSecond Thought Games
S1: The Lure of DelusionTroll Lord Games
Secret Santicore 2014The 2015 Ubers
Serpents BelowMoebius Adventures & Wild Games Productions
Shadow & BladeTrollish Delver Games
Shadow World: Tales from the Green Gryphon InnGuild Companion Publications
Starter AdventuresGM Games
SuperstitionsCreative Mountain Games
Swamp Dungeon of the Bandit LordSmall Niche Games
T1-4: Temple of Elemental EvilWizards of the Coast
T1: The Village of HommletWizards of the Coast
Temple of GreedD-oom Products
ThatÕs a Goblin!Spes Magna Games
The Black Monastery - PathfinderFrog God Games
The Black Monastery - Swords & WizardryFrog God Games
The Black RuinsCorey Ryan Walden
The Chained CoffinGoodman Games
The Dreams of RuinTG Ventures Opportunity Vehicle I LLC
The Fantastic AdventureTroll Lord Games
The Fantasy CodexKestrel Arts
The First SentinelLesser Gnome
The Islands of Purple-Haunted PutrescenceKortÕthalis Publishing
The Land Beyond BeyondGiblet Blizzard
The Lizardmen of Illzathatch3 Toadstools
The Lost City of BarakusFrog God Games
The Pale LadyLamentations of the Flame Princess
The Role-Playing Game Primer and Old School PlaybookThe Basic Fantasy RPG Project
The Sandbox #1Sine Nomine Publishing
The Snake's HeartMoebius Adventures & Wild Games Productions
The Sword of AirFrog God Games
The Taskan EmpireDesign Mechanism
The Tomb of Gardag The Strange3 Toadstools
The Town of KalasTroll Lord Games
The Well of SoulsStormlord Publishing
Thousand Suns: Five StarsGrognardia Games
Thousand Suns: StarshipsGrognardia Games
Tower of BellsFrog God Games
Tranzar's RedoubtTaskboy Games
Treasure Vaults of ZadabadStormlord Publishing
Trolls of MistwoodShinobi 27 Games
UK4: When a Star FallsWizards of the Coast
Valley of the Five FiresNew Big Dragon Games Unlimited
VS1: The Caves of OrtokInfiniBadger Press
VS2: Bearing A GrudgeInfiniBadger Press
Whisper & Venom - PathfinderLesser Gnome
Whisper & Venom - Swords & WizardryLesser Gnome
White Box Adventures: The Dragon's HoardBarrel Rider Games
White Box Adventures: The Wererat's WellBarrel Rider Games
White Box Adventures: The Wizard's TowerBarrel Rider Games
White Box BestiaryBarrel Rider Games
White Box CompanionBarrel Rider Games
White Box OmnibusBarrel Rider Games
White Box TreasuresBarrel Rider Games
World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game SettingWizards of the Coast
X1: The Isle of DreadWizards of the Coast
X12: Skarda's MirrorWizards of the Coast


ProductPublisherPublisher StoreDTRPG [AL]RPGNow [AL]Amazon [AL]Lulu
& Magazine 11& Publishing
AFS Zine #6Scott Moberly
Black Powder, Black Magic Volume 1Stormlord Publishing
Brave The Labyrinth #5 PDFSmall Niche Games
Brave The Labyrinth #5 PrintSmall Niche Games
Dungeon Lord #1Death Machine Press
Footprints #22Dragonsfoot
Frontier Explorer #11Frontier Explorer
Frontier Explorer #12Frontier Explorer
Metal Gods of Ur-hadad #3Kickassistan Ministry of Tourism
Mystic Pangolin #1Mystic Pangolin
Oubliette 1-4 CompilationGold Piece Publications
Oubliette 1-8 BundleGold Piece Publications
Oubliette 5-8 CompilationGold Piece Publications
Oubliette 9Gold Piece Publications
Protodimension Magaizine #21Protodimension Team
The Excellent Travelling Volume #1James Maliszewski
The Manor #8Gothridge Games
The Sandbox #1Sine Nomine Publishing
The StrongholdBoric Glanduum
The Undercroft #3Melsonian Arts Council
The Undercroft #4Melsonian Arts Council
The Undercroft #5Melsonian Arts Council
Threshold Magazine #4Vaults of Pandius
Threshold Magazine #5Vaults of Pandius
Vacant Ritual Assembly #1Red Moon Medicine Show
Wild Space #2Wild Space Magazine
Wizardzine #1Necrotic Gnome Productions

Fiction & Non-Fiction

TitleAuthorPublisher StoreDTRPG [AL]RPGNow [AL]Amazon [AL]Lulu
A Field Guide to Monsters: Googly-Eyed Wart Floppers, Shadow-Casters, Toe-Eaters, and Other Creatures Johan Olander
C is for CthulhuJason Ciaramella and Greg Murphy
Changeling (The Adventures of Solo Jones Book 2)Chris Gonnerman
Clash of FaithsDavid Dalglish
Genesis (The Adventures of Solo Jones Book 1)Chris Gonnerman
Hawk & Moor Part 1: The Dragon RisesKent David Kelly
Hawk & Moor Part 2: The Dungeons DeepKent David Kelly
Hawk & Moor Part 3: Lands and Worlds AfarKent David Kelly
Hawk & Moor Part 4: Of Demons & Fallen IdolsKent David Kelly
Judges GuildÕs Bob & Bill: A Cautionary TaleBill Owen
Magus (The Adventures of Solo Jones Book 3)Chris Gonnerman
Mystery Woman and the Secrets of the Guardians Book 1Chris Gonnerman
Night of the WolvesDavid Dalglish
One Night in Slateholm (Swordsman & Sorceress Book 1)Chris Gonnerman
Playing The WorldJon Peterson
The Broken PiecesDavid Dalglish
The Old WaysDavid Dalglish
The Paladin 4-Book SeriesDavid Dalglish
TriadChris Gonnerman
What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank: A Fantasy LoverÕs Food GuideKrista D. Bell


ProductPublisherPublisher StoreDTRPG [AL]RPGNow [AL]Amazon [AL]Lulu
Adventures Dark & Deep ScreensBRW Games
Castles & Crusades CK ScreensTroll Lord Games
Hammerdog GM Landscape ScreenHammerdog Games
Hammerdog GM Portrait ScreenHammerdog Games
JG Traveller - Referee ScreenGame Designer's Workshop
Mutant Future Mutant Lord Screen InsertsThe Knotty Works
Storyteller's ThesaurusTroll Lord Games
The RPG HandbookThistle Games
Traveller GM ScreenThunderegg Productions
What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank: A Fantasy LoverÕs Food GuideKrista D. Bell

Currently excluded from these indices are any products listed in OSRecap.

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