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OSRetail is a free service* by OSRToday to list OSR-friendly stores worldwide. If your store sells OSR products, either in a brick & mortar building or online (or both!), we want to list you on this page. To get listed on this page, click here to be taken to the bottom of the page.

Please note that this is only for retailers, not publishers who sell through direct to the public. There’s something else in the works for them.







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Retailers, you’ll need to provide us with the following information in the contact form at the bottom of the page:

  • Your name (we’ll keep this confidential)
  • Your email address (we’ll keep this confidential too)
  • Your store’s name
  • A physical address if you have one
  • A website address if you have one (we’ll link directly to it)
  • A telephone number (good customer service!)
  • Customer loyalty programs (discounts you offer etc)
  • A list of OSR games or products that you support (doesn’t need to be comprehensive but should be specific so it drives people to your store, but that helps, and you should not just put “All”)
  • Mail Order options (if you offer mailing in the US, or even international from the US)
  • A brief promo blurb of up to 250 words (what makes you different)
  • Any comments you’d like to share (just for us)

Some of these are required fields and are marked as such. Others you can leave blank if you want.



Please use the following contact form to tell use about your store so that we can include here, as soon as we’re able to.


*While this is a free service, we do reserve the right to right to determine who gets listed or not. We’ll try to be fair. We recognize that many retailers operate web-only presences on such places as eBay, or Amazon, and our aim for this service is to find a balance in meeting what our readers want and helping support the retail community.

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