Want to get paid to contribute to OSRToday?  OSRToday is looking for contributors to provide unique original content for its visitors in a number of different feature categories and beyond. Some of the feature content that we’re interested in getting includes existing and new upcoming sections:

  • Map Monday Got a map you’d like to share with others? Let us post it and share it online. Populate it or leave it blank for others to populate it themselves.
  • Table Tuesday You want tables? We’ve got your tables right here covering just about everything you’ll need to add some additional randomness and flavor to all your games.
  • Wandering Wednesday Monsters, monsters, MONSTERS! All the monsters you can shake a stick at, posted for your pleasure and your players’ displeasure.
  • Random Thursday An eclectic assortment of content that doesn’t fit anywhere else will be posted here. Probably.
  • Fiction Friday Written some short fiction between 1000-5000 words? On Fridays we’ll be releasing new fiction related to topics of interest to the community.
  • Other We’re also looking for lots of other content such as scenarios, short adventures, thoughts on the OSR, opinion pieces, and more. If you have an idea you’d like to pitch to us, we’d love to hear it.

What we’re NOT looking for at the moment are reviews of products, but that’s because we’re going to be launching a complete trusted reviewer system that provides slightly different compensation, and we’re still working on putting that together. We’ll be continuing to run news and link out to other content in the OSR Community at set times each day, and interspersed those with our contributor content.


As a contributor, you’ll get your own author byline and an author bio box that will appear on all of your posts. You can also include links back to your personal or professional websites in this author bio box, which is a great way for you to generate traffic of your own back to your own work that you do outside of OSRToday.


We use a Revenue Sharing Model that pays you based on the number of views your content generates. The more views your content generates, the more money you make. The more content you write for us, the more views you generate, and so on. So if you write great content that keeps people coming back again and again, you can be assured of making some extra money. Every visit to any content you write and is posted on the site for others to see is tracked by software we have running which registers qualifying views from human beings (excluding bots etc.) and keeps track of what you earn. We’re currently paying $0.002 US as our basic rate for every qualifying authentic view, and you get paid after the month in which the views are generated. So if you have 3,000 views across 5 articles in the month of May, you get paid $6.00 US in June. 12,000 views over those same articles gets you $24.00 US. It all eventually adds up. You can be paid via PayPal or directly through OneBookShelf’s gift certificate system.


You get to keep ownership of what you contribute as well. We just ask that we get 30 days to have it on our site before releasing it anywhere else so that we have an early exclusive on it. We may also be interested in using the content again in other products such as print or digital products, and if  we do, then you’ll also get paid for that.


Signing up requires that you contact us first to express your interest. You can do that with the form below. As soon as we receive this form from you we’ll drop you a line back and send you more details on what’s involved to get started as a contributor with us. If you’re still keen to contribute, well send you an agreement and some other documents to fill out that allows us to pay for the content that you offer OSRToday to publish.



That’s pretty much it! Thanks for showing interest in contributing to OSRToday!

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