OSRToday Winding Down

OSRToday is winding down operations.

Starting something is always exciting and filled with challenges, but the challenges don’t stop when something has been running for a while. Sometimes they lessen and sometimes they intensify, ebbing and flowing. Usually the challenges don’t come from the something itself but from other things that press upon it.

OSRToday finds itself in that position right now due to a number of factors. It’s mostly been a one-badger operation from its launch (with the awesome support of contributors such as Glynn Seal), and it was always intended to grow and develop and be not only a community resource pointing to other content, but to provide original content too. The time and resources to develop it haven’t been truly available, and due to circumstances outwith my control, those aren’t going to be available going forward. The amount of time, effort, energy, and other factors it takes to maintain and operate OSRToday outweighs its performance in a number of areas, and it make more sense to apply that to other areas of InfiniBadger Press’ product portfolio that have better returns and performance. I

The site is going to stay up and operational for some time, but will not receive any new updates (except for Patreon updates below). This allows people time to use it for one of its intended purposes: to find additional community content.

The OSRToday Patreon will be wound down too. There is still content that is owed for the Patreon to patrons. This content is going to be generated and provided (along with some bonus content as an apology for the delay that will only be made available to them). The Patreon will receive updates on this shortly.

Being around for over two years is a good run for any website, especially so on an Internet that is constantly evolving and shifting. Thanks for being on the journey with us.

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