Wandering Wednesday: Confessor

Today’s Wandering Wednesday monster is a strange alien creature for White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying [AL]. The White Star Companion [AL], the follow-up to the main game that adds new features, is the OBS Deal of the Day for August 31, 2016, and costs $4.19 instead of the normal $6.99, which is a 40% saving.

ENTRY WJHF-1984746-11123175-3FGH1A
No-one knows where the Confessors come from. They have always been here, and it’s expected that they’ll always be here, long after all other life in the universe has passed beyond. No-one even knows what they really do or are for, or how many there truly are, but for millennia they have travelled the worlds of the universe, listening to whoever will share with them. We know there are more than one of them, as they have been recorded on different worlds at the same time, and many of them mass together during certain events. We don’t know how they get to new worlds, though, as no-one ever sees them arrive or leave, and no Confessor has ever been found in the void between worlds (not even on starships).

They travel through the world, floating with no discernable means of locomotion. Perhaps they use anti-gravity to float, or some other special mechanism. Every scan of them has come back blank, as if they’re don’t really exist. But we know they do, because we can talk at them and interact somewhat with them (pushing them gently causes them to bob in the air slightly). Cuboidal in their passive or dormant state, when anyone speaks to them they become active and change shape, becoming kites, spheres, and other polyhedron shapes in a series of undulating fluid motions. Their color also changes based on the emotional state of the speaker. We know that red indicates anger and rage, yellow is shame and sorrow, and green is neutral, but there are other colors recorded. When flitting through the various shapes and colors, a┬áConfessor emits the only sound it ever does, a “ping” that sounds every few seconds, always at the same regular rhythm recorded the universe over; curiously paced at the exact value of Pi and at 432 hertz, the same pitch the universe operates at.

Confessors seem to listen to and engage with each individual only once in their lifetime, usually close to the time of their death. Do they know when someone is to die? Is this why they often appear en masse before battles? Many have come to fear the Confessors, seeing them as harbingers of doom, calling them Deathbringers. Confessors will seek out those who are to die and listen to what they have to say, but will ignore those who choose not to speak to them, passing on in whatever strange path they choose. If attacked, they take little to no damage and leave of their own accord eventually. They float through open doorways, and cannot be trapped, for they disappear and reappear elsewhere when no-one is looking if capture attempts are made. They never strike back against those who strike them, but they also take damage from any weapons. The only way that is known to destroy a Confessor is to use starship-grade weaponry, but even then there are theories that this doesn’t destroy them and they simply reappear elsewhere in the strange manner they do.

In addition to being named Confessors, many call them God’s Ears or Gatekeepers, believing that they appear before the soon-to-die, listening to their final confessions and allowing them access to the afterlife. This belief exists on thousands of worlds, across hundreds of species, so perhaps there is some truth to it. Or perhaps these strange alien creatures are simply recording information for the sake of that, and selecting their sources as those who are about to die and whose life experiences will pass forever.


ARMOR CLASS: Special (Starship level AC of 4 [15])
ATTACKS: None (known)
HDE/XP: N/A (or as starship)

Disclaimer: The Confessor is released as open content under the OGL. Its license can be found on the OGL page.

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