Table Tuesday: The Box of …

Within the treasure that you’ve liberated from the monster is a box. A completely ordinary box. A completely ordinary box that stops being ordinary as soon as you open it…

Table 15: The Box of …

Roll Result
1 The box is full of null light, the same light that is found at black holes, allowing no light to escape it. Placing anything into the box traps it … somewhere … for eternity.
2 Opening the box lid turns the bottom transparent. Looking through it you can see what seem to be long shadows clinging to every living creature, constantly rotating around them, sniffing them, licking them, tasting them.
3 The box is a one of a connected pair. When both lids are open, they act as a portal that allows matter of any type to pass through the connection. Anything that is larger than the box’s opening shrink to pass through the connection and is restored to its original size on the other side.
4 The bottom of the box acts as a window to an unknown place. Strange and alien plants border the scene while different creatures unknown to you walk past.
5 Opening the box reveals a random item that can fit inside. Each opening of the box displays a different item. Many of them are identifiable, but others are alien and unique.
6 The inside of the box seems larger than the outside, and functions as a bag of holding.
7 Strange pulses of light, displayed in regular repeating patterns, are found inside the box. The pulses of light are without sound.
8 Saying a person’s name into the box as it is opened will allow two-way long-range communicatin with them until the box lid is closed.
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