Map Monday: The Caves of Stoln

This map can be used as a standalone, but it also meant to be used with the Mountains of Kaban Hexcrawl being shared on this site. It is located in Hex 1-2: The Cave of the Torabak, in the hills that also contain this cave.

Rocky hills difficult to climb and riddled with caves conceal a multitude of dangers and treasures. While the most powerful creature that roams the hills is The Torabak, other lesser creatures use the caves for their own lairs. One of these is Stoln, a chaos-tainted ettin, who feeds on whatever he can capture in the hills.

Room 1: Cave Entrance
The entrance to Stoln’s lair sits 30 feet up from ground level, a climb he easily makes. The ground at the bottom of the cave entrance is littered with bones and skulls. Not all of them belong to just animals.

Room 2: The Offering Cave
This large cave is where Stoln slaughters most of his prey (which is still barely alive when he brings it here). The floor is a deep brown from years of staining by blood. A large number of chaos runes adorn the walls here, written in the same deep brown; the runes are dedicated to the chaos god Shabon and indicate that all kills in this cave are done in its honor. In the center of the cave is an ancient and malevolent statue to Shabon, which has only a little wear, but gives off a foreboding sense of evil. Offering blood to the statue results in 2d6 temporary hit points, but may corrupt a character in the same way as the chaos pool (roll 2d6 to see what effect occurs).

Room 3: The Refuse Cave
This cave contains the discarded parts of prey that Stoln has no use for, including clothing and broken pieces of armor. It smells terrible, and in the center of the room is a large pile of decomposing entrails and other organic material covered in loose gravel and dirt. Stoln uses the refuse pile as a latrine.

Hiding within the refuse is an otyugh that Stoln has somehow tamed and turned into a pet. It will attack anyone that starts to dig through its home. The otyugh may travel around the caves but avoids the chaos pool.

Room 4: The Skinning Cave
This room contains a number of wooden frames containing the skins of various animals Stoln has skinned. Some are small, others are large, all are the work of a professional skinner. In the center of the room is a large worktable with a number of large wicked-looking set of weapons with different edges; if held by a human these would be considered swords, but in Stoln’s hands they are surgical instruments. Next to the worktable are the supplies to make the frames, including wood and thick twine.

Several of the weapons are magical, but because of their close proximity to chaos for so long, they are also cursed.

Room 5: The Aside
This room is empty, apart from many large rocks that are scattered around the room in large piles, almost like cairns. Stoln uses these rocks to help defend himself if forced deep into his cave.

Room 6: The Cave of Gods
This room is full of statues of many different gods, all in different sizes. They are all desecrated, either broken apart, seemingly smashed, smeared in blood, or obviously urinated upon. Many of them have been hacked on in an attempt to replace the faces and bodies with crude replicas of the features of Shabon.

A number of these statues have survived the current round of desecration. One in particular allows a Visage of Tollander to appear if the proper offering (any still living plant and a prayer) is given to it. The Visage appears as a tall shimmering humanoid with shifting animal features as it speaks. It has little power to help but says that an Orb of Xanie (a fist-sized crystal dedicated to the God of Purity) will disrupt the healing power of the Chaos Pool.

Room 7: The Storage Cave
This room contains a mishmash of boxes and supplies that Stoln has collected over the years. Included in this any magical items that it was unable to destroy. There are 1d6 minor and 1d4 major magical items here, in amongst various pieces of clutter. Barrels of wine and other alcohols can be found here, along with boxes of other rations (which are moldy or have gone off, causing anyone who eats them to make a Constitution roll under their value, or to become ill and perform all actions at -2 while sick.

Room 8: The Chaos Pool
This room is very overly warm and humit. It contains a pool that is fed via hot spring waters under the hills. The water in the pool is a turgid purple with a faint glow across its surface.

Entering the chaos pool will no nothing for the first round. Each round thereafter, a character must make a Saving Throw versus death or suffer from chaos corruption. Drinking from the pool instantly causes a corruption. The water can be collected. Inserting an Orb of Xanie in the pool will stop the pool from causing corruption, although any waters collected will still be effective. Removing the Orb will allow the pool water to continue corrupting again.

Roll on the tables below to see what the corruption is, using 2d6:

Roll Corruption
2 The character’s alignment shifts one position closer to chaotic.
3-4 A minor physical corruption, such as skin color changing or having flesh turn to scales.
5-6 Roll 1d6. The character’s size decreases (roll 1-3) or increases (4-6) by a percentage (roll 1d100). This affects all physical attributes by the same percentage decrease/increase.
7 No change.
8-9 The character’s personality is altered, and they switch to the polar opposite in one of their personality traits.
10-11 A major physical corruption with a limb being transformed to that of another animal or a non-organic material.
12 The character gains a low-level spell as an at-will power. Casting it causes 1d6 hit points loss each time.

Room 9: Stoln’s Nest
This is where Stoln spends much of his time when he is not hunting. There is a large fire pit here, smoke from it evacuating up on the natural chimney in the ceiling. Next to the fire pit is a collection of mismatched mattresses that Stoln has gathered over the years and that he sleeps on. The matresses are covered in large furs that he himself has made.

Stoln himself is a larger-than-normal ettin, having been corrupted by the chaos pool to be 25% larger than normal (though he can still squeeze through the tunnels in the caves). His two heads no longer look like each other. The right head is normal, but the left head is the head of a bear, with eight spiderlike eyes, and a beaked mouth. His right arm seems to be made of stone (providing him additional armor) and ends in long talons. Instead of two normal legs, he has the legs of a giant lizard, including the tail.

Stoln has become so corrupted by the water in the chaos pool that it no longer affects him by changing him, but instead offers healing to him. Each round he is in the pool, he regains one hit die of hit points.

The Caves of Stoln (Color Labelled Version)

The Caves of Stoln (Color Labelled Version)

The Caves of Stoln (Color UnLabelled Version)

The Caves of Stoln (Color UnLabelled Version)

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