Wandering Wednesday: Nightmare Golem

Patched together from nightmares and bound with a nightmare stone (a jet black diamond), these terrifying creatures slink and slither and flit between corporeal and incorporeal forms as desired. Nightmare golems take many shapes and forms, usually an amalgam of the nightmares bound to the stone; some are bipedal, some have many legs, some slither, some fly. No two are the same in appearance except for the smoky look they have when incorporeal, and the gloss black tint of their skin when they turn corporeal. They can often seep into whatever location they desire and wait for targets of opportunity to pass by, striking them like assassins from the dark. They have no morals, and do not think for themselves beyond completing the task they have been given; the instructions they follow are bound into the nightmare stone and cannot be changed or altered except by the creator of the nightmare golem. They make ideal sentries and guards as they remain unseen and hidden until the last moment.

When in their corporeal form, they often grow armor and weaponry from within themelves, and when incorporeal they expose the nightmare stone within them.

Nightmare Golem

Alignment: Chaotic
No. Encountered:
Move: Special (see below)
Level Dice:  6-10
Armor Class: Special (see below)
Attacks:  Special (see below)
Special Attacks:  See below
Save: F6
Special Abilities: See below
Loot: See below

Special Movement: Depending upon the form of the nightmare golem, it may have a number of different types of locomotion. Most land movement when corporeal is at 30-90 feet, while flying is 60-120 feet. This may be different when merged (see below).

When incorporeal, nightmare golems have a movement speed of 60 feet. Also, when incorporeal the nightmare stone is more readily exposed, making it easier to dispatch these creatures. Destroying the stone, which has an AC of -1 [20] and is magical, will outright destroy the bound nightmare golem. When corporeal, these creatures have an AC of 1 [18] that is magical.

Special Attacks: As all nightmare golems are unique, they have different attacks. Most have claws that do 1d8 damage, while some also have large maws that do between 1d6 and 1d12 damage. Many have multiple claws and mouths, allowing multiple attacks and different damage. A favored tactic is to attack in a corporeal state, switch to incorporeal and move through or behind a target, and to attack again.

Another is to remain simply be incorporeal and wrap around their target, turning corporeal and encasing their target within themselves, thereby causing suffocation. This engulfing requires that the target make a save against Fear or suffer from an immediate and overpowering nightmare of their own being drawn from memory and inflicted on them; this nightmare causes 1d6 damage per round while it is active as the target’s mind is hacked apart by it.

Special Abilities: Most nightmare golems operate independently but more than one can join together temporarily into a gestalt creature that increases the number of attacks it may make. This merging does not seem to affect its incorporeal movement speed, but may affect its corporeal speed, increasing it or decreasing it depending upon

Loot: When a nightmare golem is destroyed, the nightmare stone that is used to create them is all that remains. Many magic users desire these, as they can be used to make powerful items that work in the dreamworlds, as well as other nightmare golems. Others treasure them for their simple ability to capture bad dreams and nightmares and provide restful sleep, though only the smallest of stones are used for this.

Disclaimer:  The Nightmare Golem is one of many creatures that will appear in a future product released by InfiniBadger Press. It is not currently open content.

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