Table Tuesday: The Sage In The Woods

You happen across a strange creature in the woods. It claims to be a sage and will share knowledge with you, for a favor or fee.

Table 14: The Sage In The Woods

Roll Result
1 A giant mushroom that speaks telepathically. It knows where to find a green portal that will allow transportation to the center of the forest. To share the location, it requires that everyone sample its hood, which causes moderate hallucinogenic visions for a few hours.
2 A two-foot tall cat dressed in the finest of hats and a velour jacket. The cat speaks perfectly and without flaw in the common language. It knows the location of a camp nearby where monster hunters gather. It is looking for items to trade when it leaves the forest, and prefers items that are not shiny.
3 A face in a tree, protruding from the lower trunk of an oak tree. It has been in the forest for hundreds of years and knows much, although its recollections are vague and jumbled, and it has no true sense of time. It wants to know what is happening beyond the forest.
4 A wizened old mute man called Heff, who writes down or signs all of his communication. He knows where the fountain of youth is allegedly located, but can’t make it there on his own. He will share the location as long as long as someone carries him on their back to it.
5 The “sage” really is that, as it’s a clump of the herb that has been animated as a golem and is looking to make more of its kind. In return for help gathering enough herb to make another creature like it, it will share the location of a secret cave that contains treasure belong to the magic user that created it.
6 A forester hunting the bear that took his right eye and his left arm during a conflict. He knows the secretive paths of the forest, including some of the green ways, and will share this information if others will help him track down and dispatch the giant black bear.
7 A wood sprite has lost its wings. It knows when and where the Queen of the Forest will next hold her secret audience. It will tell if it is given help to restore its wings.
8 A brokkan (badgerman) call Tanni who is a Forestwalker. It knows the location of several interlopers within the forest, particularly goblinoid camps. It requires only a pledge to not damage the forest, and to dispatch anyone who attempts to do so (especially goblinoids).
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