Map Monday: Ctharg’s Lair

This map can be used as a standalone, but it also meant to be used with the Mountains of Kaban Hexcrawl being shared on this site. It is located in Hex 5-2: The Stones of Forgh (which will be made available soon).

Deep below the Hill of Pain lies Ctharg, master of dark magics and bastard child of a demon. Locked within his lair by magics he cannot break, he awaits patiently for those who can bring the key to his prison. In return, he will offer them untold power and riches. Who bound him? And why?

Room 1: Entrance
A large shaft, obviously created rather than being natural. It is 500 feet deep and ends in a rough-hewn floor. The decomposing remains of several adventurers lie scattered around. A stone door carved in demonic runes allows access to the main lair. Reading the runes successfully deactivates Room 2 and Room 5 for those that can read it.

Room 2: Chamber of Terror
Anyone entering this room feels as if their skin is crawling. Each round spent in the room increases the feeling. For each round spent in the room, roll 1d6 x rounds. A roll of 1 on any of the dice requires a Fear save. Failing it means that the character won’t continue further into the lair on their own volition.

Room 3: Temple of Broken Promises
The walls of the temple are covered in broken bas-relief scenes of religious worship of a number of pantheons. Some of the deities in the scenes can be made out while others look to have been destroyed by … something. Wrapped around near the top of the columns in the room and initially hidden from view of those entering are a cluster of five nightmare golems (available this week on Wandering Wednesday). They attack when anyone is distracted examining the bas-relief.

Room 4: The Six Statues
This room contains a deep pit that is in actual fact a bottomless pit. In the center of the room is a large stone platform that extends into the darkness that has five spokes extending from it, each of which ends in a smaller stone platform. In the center of the central stone platform is a massive marble statue of a fallen angel that extends 100 feet tall. It has eyes made of the blackest onyx. The smaller stone platforms all contain statues that are half the size of this one, each with a different type of gem in their eyes. All of the statues stand tall with their hands together, cupped, as if waiting for something. The gems in their eyes are huge and obviously worth a fortune.

Attempting to remove the gems from the eyes of the statues will cause the statue under attack to animate and to retaliate until any non-statues in the area are destroyed. They then return to their original positions, and cup their hands again.

There is a secret door that leads to Room 5 that is revealed for 1 turn if a gemstone of each type is fed to the statues. Feeding a fallen angel statue (attributes coming soon to Wandering Wednesday) requires placing a gem of the type in its eye sockets into its hands. The statue will animate briefly, its cupped hands moving to its mouth, which opens to allow it to eat the gem. The hands will return to their previous position, but the eyes of the statue will now glow, light cascading from behind them, for 1 turn.

Room 5: Room of Despair
Like the Chamber of Terror, this room causes a crawling skin sensation. For each round spent in the room, roll 1d6 x rounds. A roll of 1 on any of the dice requires a Fear save. Failing it means that the character becomes overwhelmed with despair and runs and throws themselves into the nearest available bottomless pit.

Room 6: Room of Fire
This room seems to be completely on fire; the walls, ceiling, and floor all have flames that lick across them in orange and red waves. Not only is the room incredibly hot, but the flames make it difficult to breath.

There is an exit to the south, a doorway made of flame, which will burn anyone who attempts to pass through it. Beyond the exit is obscured by the flames and heat wave.

This room is guarded by a medium power fire elemental that can stand 20 feet tall that conceals itself in the flames. It will attack anyone who enters the room. While there is fire in the room, the elemental can heal itself from it, healing a die of health each round.

Room 7: Ctharg’s Crystal Prison
Just like the Six Statues room, this room contains a central stone platform surrounded by a bottomless pit. In the center of it is a 50 foot crystal of everchanging rainbow colors. Inside the crystal sits Ctharg, who stands 30 feet tall, the left side of his body clearly more demonic-looking than his right side.

When Ctharg notices anyone making it past the Room of Fire, he will attempt to bargain with them, offering them access to wealth and power if they will free him. He will simply ask if they wish to free him, and when anyone says the will, he will grin and then swap places with them, projecting them into the crystal prison where they will remain until the next full moon, when he is cast back into it (no matter where he is). Those who are not in the crystal prison will be face the half-demon, who may not be inclined to help them. Chtarg wishes to flee the prison and enjoy his temporary freedom and will leave as soon as is he is able to. Anyone trapped within the crystal prison swaps places with Ctharg when he is returned to the prison. They will have a small crystal that has a single wish spell within it.


Ctharg's Lair (Color Labelled Version)

Ctharg’s Lair (Color Labelled Version)

Ctharg's Lair (Color Unabelled Version)

Ctharg’s Lair (Color Unabelled Version)

(C) Copyright 2016 InfiniBadger Press. Written by Jason Paul McCartan. Permission is granted for personal use of these maps and the content.

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