Editorial: Year Three Changes

As OSRToday moves into its third year, it’s time to do some tweaking and revisions to content, especially as the site is moving to provide more original content directly through contributors, the OSRToday Patreon, and partnerships with other publishers. This is also to bring the site into compliance with some other things happening with InfiniBadger Press (although it’s too early to announce some of those things right now). Some changes on the backend are happening, although some things that have already been put in place, and there are changes coming to the front end layout and design. The site structure and features are going to get an overhaul and improvement.

There will be also be subtle changes coming to the Daily Snapshots, which will remain but have a slightly different format, but will become easier to use and more valuable. Many more original articles will be posted, including news, and promotional posts. The contributor program where others write for the site is being streamlined and updated with a new set of tools to help administer that, as well as tweaks to that program itself. Headers and graphics are going to be tweaked and changed, and there will be some other visual changes. The promotional programs at the site, including advertising, are going to receive an update and overhaul. And there will also be some operational changes happening behind the scenes as well as a few new features that will take a bit of time to roll out.

One of these operational changes will be the integrating and dividing of content in conjunction with Old School Quarterly. OSRToday will continue releasing content only online, while OSQ will focus on releasing content in print and digital formats as a quarterly print magazine. But the two sites are going to work together in partnership. Even though a large section of the audience for OSRToday is the same as OSQ they serve different purposes. However, there’s a lot of ways that both sites can help support each other, and some content is more appropriate for OSRToday than OSQ and vice versa. More on this very soon.

The idea behind the site has always been to act as a nexus and portal to the best old school content, and to offer quality original content for the community to use. The first two years of OSRToday helped established the site as a mainstay in the OSR community, but it’s time to develop it and make it even better than it is now.

Onwards to bigger and better things in Year Three!

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