Daily Snapshot – June 3, 2016

Today’s Daily Snapshots:

  • The New York Times reports that a ban on playing Dungeons & Dragons in prisons, defended by the Waupun Correctional Institute against an image who claimed constitutional rights were being violated, can be maintained. The prison had confiscated Kevin T. Singer’s books and other personal materials relating to the game.
  • Moebious Adventures have released Mazes & Perils Deluxe on DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. This updated version of the previously free and Ennie-award winning game is 76 pages in length and costs $1 for the PDF.
  • Dan Osarchuk and OSRDAN Games have released Divinities and Cults on DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. The 56-page supplement for Swords & Wizardry provides information on how to integrate Classic divinities and religions into your Swords & Wizardry games. It costs $7.99 for the PDF, $19.99 for the softcover, and $25.98 for the PDF+Print bundle.
  • Oscar Rios and Chapter 13 Press have released A Faceless Enemy on DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. The 32-page adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG costs $6.95 and is for 4-8 adventurers of 5th level.
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