Editorial: An OSRToday OSR Storefront?

As OSRToday heads towards its second birthday in June, there are some tweaks and updates coming to the site and services, including a massive server upgrade. We recently launched our Patreon to help generate new and unique content for the site, and we’re looking at getting more content (including implementing a quality review and promotion system) on the site. One thing that we’re also considering is offering an OSR-centric digital storefront for old school publishers to sell from. Much of the research for a storefront has been done already, and many key features that would make a new player on the scene successful have been identified and researched.

There are a number of advantages to offering a storefront on OSRToday:

  • The store would be a centralized dedicated storefront for old school products, which is ideal for small creators/publishers because it means that they’re being promoted and sold in the same marketplace as products they are like, as opposed to being drowned out at other sites by products that are not like them.
  • There’s already a built-in vehicle for generating traffic and communicating new releases through the website, mailing lists, and social media.
  • There’s already an established customer base that can be grown.
  • Banner advertising is already set up (although would need to be tweaked to be automated), so publishers can take advantage of that.
  • An affiliate program can be easily implemented, which bloggers and publishers can take advantage of.
  • Two types of reviews can be published: those by consumers on the product link pages, and “official” OSRToday reviews on the main site that follow the upcoming review process (which is designed to be objective, fair, and balanced and follow reasonable formula).
  • Income from sales can be used to help pay for new and original content on the OSRToday, thereby growing the site further and adding additional value to it.
  • The storefront adds to the publishing options that publishers already have, and would handle all sales and collection of taxes for EU etc, so those publishers who want to sell to Europe but don’t because of the tax headaches will be able to do so. Third party secure processing would be used for all transactions, including multiple payment options.
  • POD may be something that could be added later (although that’s a complicated thing to set up).

Currently OSRToday is an affiliate of a number of other sites. Opening a store would require closing down those affiliate links, just to be fair. The site generates a little revenue from these right now, but would certainly generate more from running its own store.

The other option is to not run the store on OSRToday, but run it as a standalone store, which hooks into OSRToday. This still offers the same benefits as above but puts it into its own space online with its own branding. There are pros and cons to doing either.

So, what do you think?

Should OSRToday consider opening an OSR-friendly store?
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