Daily Snapshot – March 29, 2016

Today’s Daily Snapshots:

  • The latest Bundle of Holding is for the latest edition of Hackmaster from Kenzer & Company. The base Player’s Collection costs $12.95 and gets purchasers HackMaster 5E Player’s HandbookZealot’s Guide: Books 1-2, and HackMaster Player Resources. Paying more than the threshold level, which is currently around $28.40, gets the Gamesmaster Collection which includes HackMaster GameMaster’s GuideHacklopedia of BeastsFrandor’s Keep, and HackMaster GM Resources.
  • Steve Jackson Games have announced that reprints of GURPS 4th Edition are now making their way back into retail after being out of stock for some time.
  • Dyson Logos has announced a Patreon milestone breakthrough that will start to see the release of some of the back catalog of his earlier maps.
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