Daily Snapshot – March 21, 2016

Today’s Daily Snapshots:

  • Johnn Four has published Roleplaying Tips Omnibus #3 on DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. The 151-page publication, which compiles information from Issues 634-638, is available in PDF for $5.00 or in Print+PDF for $9.00.
  • Necrotic Gnome Productions have released Wormskin  Issue 2 on DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. The publication, which expands the Dolmenwood setting by Gavin Norman and Greg Gorgonmilk, is 36 pages in length and costs $3.00.
  • Kenzer & Co have released a slew of Hackmaster products in digital format on DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL], all at various prices.
  • The OSRToday Patreon has hit its base goal funding level for Pledge Period 1, and will be working to release some new community-sourced content
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