Daily Snapshot – March 15, 2016

Today’s Daily Snapshots:

  • James M. Spahn and Barrel Rider Games have released The Hero’s Journey Fantasy Roleplaying, a new Swords & Wizardry-based fantasy game that provides a new variant way to play the game, PWYW on both DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. Based on some previously published work, this new game provides a comprehensive game that offers many new options for play. Print options for the book will be available soon.
  • New Big Dragon Games Unlimited have launched a Kickstarter to fund the Classic Edition GM Screen, a universal six-panel GM screen for B/X and other classic versions of D&D-alike games. The campaign aims to raise at lease $4,500 to fund printing of the high-quality screens, that come complete with additional bonus content. PDF only pledges start at $7 while print pledges (which include the PDF) start at $43 (shipping included for US).
  • Grand DM has published Tales of the Game Tavern Issue 3, the latest issue of the zine, which has a St. Patrick’s Day focus. The 28-page zine costs $6.00 US/$7.00 Canada/$8.00 International. There is also a giveaway to win some Gamescience Emerald Gem Dice.
  • Cubicle 7 and Sophisticated Games have announced a partnership to produce Middle Earth content and publications for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. More information is forthcoming in Summer 2016.
  • Troll Lord Games have launched the TLG Portal, a move to subscription-based support for their product library through a web interface. It comes with an initial 15-day free trial and then costs $5.99 each month to access almost all content that has been published so far. This service is designed to supplement their continued print and other digital publications.
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