New Online Webstore TableTop Library Launched

A new tabletop RPG online store has launched called TableTop Library, a joint ventue between a number of luminaries in the RPG industry to offer an alternative in the online sales market. This new venture has launched its storefront, which contains  content for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Pathfinder, and OSR products from a number of companies including Frog God Games, Kobold Press, Expeditious Retreat Press, Troll Lord Games, Purple Duck Games, Chaotic Henchmen, and Lesser Gnome. A number of products on the site looked to be on sale, and there are some free products listed also. Digital products and dice are only available at the moment, although print products will be available soon, and are sent from a central warehouse.

Publishers who are interested in joining the store can do so today by emailing or filling in on an online form, which sets up an account via Shopify. Those who do so can sell at 75% of online selling price (exclusively locked if you join up within the first 8 months) or 65% of print sales that are warehoused through the company.

Print on demand is not yet available through the organization, nor an affiliate program.

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