Daily Snapshot – March 9, 2016

Today’s Daily Snapshot:

  • Olde House Rules have put together The Collected Pits & Perils, a hardback compendium of all of the released products for the game in a single publication. The 220-page hardback is currently available from Lulu for $33.99.
  • Frog God Games have released The Lost Lands: Stoneheart Valley for Swords & Wizardry on DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. The 144-page supplement, which includes updated versions of classic Necromancer Games adventures, costs $12.99.
  • The Sword & Backpack rules, a game produced initially as a set of essays, has been published online via Tumblr, and includes a page that includes The Dungeonpunk Manifesto, which includes some great old school views on gaming.
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