OSRToday launches Patreon to fund Crowd-driven content

OSRToday Community Content Badge SmallOSRToday has launched a Patreon campaign to move beyond simply providing news and to help provide quality content at the site. This novel approach is done by directly involving the community in the funding and decision making process of article creation, while the articles themselves are generated by freelancers from the community. Essentially, the community says what types of articles they want to see, and then gets them written.

For every $25 pledged every 2 week pledge period, around 1000 words of content will be able to be produced in new and original content. The original grand vision for the site had new content had between 5-8 new articles each week being published, and this new approach will enable this to happen if there is enough community support. There are three pledge levels:

  • $1 pledges help support article creation
  • $2 pledges get to help choose what types of articles are created from funds raised during each funding period
  • $3 pledges have even more input into the articles, including the systems that are written for.

While all of the content generated through this Patreon eventually becomes published through OSRToday within a few weeks of being funded (and is badged as such), patrons who back also get exclusively formatted PDF versions of the articles to download, including the full back catalog that will eventually be available as articles are created from this campaign. There are some other potential benefits that can be added in the future, but that depends on how successful this program is.

This is a different model from that which is being used at the moment for contributors, which is a shared revenue model, which drives visitors to the site. This new model allows for paying freelancers for fully for articles written, allowing full feeds of the site to be released, and a number of future enhancements. More information on how to become a freelance contributor under this new program is coming shortly.

There are already a couple of articles in development for release before the end of the first funding period to showcase the type of content that can be created using this campaign.

More information can be found at the OSRToday Patreon page. Please consider pledging if you think this is a worthy way to help support the community and to develop content for the entire community to use.

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