Daily Snapshot – February 4, 2016

Today’s Daily Snapshots:

  • Dyson Logos’ most recent release the 2015 Dodecahedron Cartographic Review is today’s OBS Deal of the Day. The PDF version is on sale for 50% off for 24 hours, making it $3.75 instead of $7.50 at both DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. Print versions are available through Lulu for $16.00.
  • Thomas Denmark and Steve Perrin of Night Owl Workshop have released Colonial Troopers, an original edition set of rules for playing in the hard sci-fi worlds of classic science fiction. The 100-page game can be purchased for $9.99 from DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL] or in print from Lulu for $15.00.
  • Rifts World Book 13: Lone Star, is now available in PDF for $10.49 from DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. If you’re a fan of Dog Boys or genetic engineering, this sourcebook will be handy, and the content can be used for old school mutant games.
  • Thomas Novosel has created a nanogame called Runaway Hirelings! where you get to play hirelings that loot dungeons after the Big Bad kills the Heroes.
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