EDITORIAL: Daily Snapshots @ OSRToday

Today sees the launch of a new approach to reporting, and a new article format being used at OSRToday: the Daily Snapshot.

Most articles published at OSRToday are reasonably long form and designed to include large amounts of information for reader, linking to products and websites as well as provide extra information in the traditional vein of news reporting. It takes some time to put one of these posts together though, with the average amount of time taking around 15 minutes and some posts that require extensive research and writing a lot longer. This contributes to the challenges in putting up quality human-curated content, but it does mean that each article that gets posted to the site is meaningful and purposeful. But it doesn’t make the site as flexible as it can be.

That’s where Daily Snapshots come in.

Daily Snapshots are summaries that cover more than one specific article of interest, gathering together content captured throughout a single day into a single article. After the initial posting of a Daily Snapshot, the post will be continually updated throughout the day between the hours of 9am to 5pm EST (Mon-Fri) with any additional items of interest that are discovered that don’t deserve their own post. At the end of the day, the Daily Snapshot will be included in any emailed news summary sent out to email subscribers, but can also be simply revisited to see the news that occurred on that day. Because of the nature of how posts are made on the site, when the Daily Snapshot is first created, announcements will be sent out via social media, but updates to the pages aren’t. The last three Daily Snapshots will be shown at the top of the main feed on the front page just before featured articles.

This allows for the sharing of more OSR-related news at the site, bringing added usefulness to OSRToday and making it more agile, while allocating more meaning to the larger articles that are posted. Large articles will continue to be posted, but these will be focused on reporting major stories or providing content that goes beyond a simple news summary.

With this new format, we’re also looking again at implementing a news bounty program which rewards for those who share information that the community can benefit from.

We hope that you like this new approach at OSRToday and take advantage of it.

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