Wandering Wednesday: Klag

Cuboidal and short in stature, Klag are often viewed with derision by other species, mostly because they look so comical. However, their warrior-like demeanor and irrepressible need to prove themselves in battle belies this. A single Klag on its own isn’t particularly scary but when a horde of Klag rush and then start stacking themselves into fighting columns or lining up as ramming units, those who laugh at them don’t often laugh long.

Each Klag is about one foot square along each side, and actually does resemble a rough mottled-skin living leather cube. One side of its body is its “face” and there are two long three foot long multi-jointed legs that spring out of either side of that. Its large beak is retractable and stays inside its body, visible only as a slit on the underside of six large soulful eyes, hidden until it rushes out to bite others.

Klag will leap and sit atop one another to create fighting units that contain three or more or the creatures, that each have their own attack, which make them dangerous, and formidable when there is a horde swarming towards their enemies.

No-one is quite sure where Klag come from, but some suspect they were either a beginning wizard’s first (and probably last mistake) or some strange mutation born of chaos.


Alignment: Chaotic
No. Encountered:
Move: 40′
Level Dice:  1
Armor Class: 7 [12]
Attacks:  Bite (1d6)
Special Attacks:  See below
Save: F2
Special Abilities: See below
Loot: See below

Special Movement: Klags may be slow moving, but they swarm and will climb and stack upon each other. They can also line up into ramming lines, one Klag behind another, and although this does not increase the speed of their movement, it increases the damage when they hit their target. The gangly multi-jointed legs of the Klag allow it to easy climb over objects, raising its squat body over things as needed, or helping it stack with others of its kind.

Special Attacks: Each Klag in a stacked column can attack the target in front of it, often meaning that there are 3+ attacks happening at the same time to the same target. Individual Klags can rotate within the stacked columns, allowing attacks in each of the four main directions. This makes it almost impossible to perform rear or flanking attacks against any stacked Klag column.  If a Klag in a column is killed, its place is taken by another Klag, or the fallen Klag is discarded and the column reorganizes to remain effective.

Klag ramming lines do a base 1d6 damage plus an additional point of damage for each extra Klag in the ramming line. A favorite tactic is to have the front Klag be a stacked column supported by a 3-5 additional Klags in the ramming line that attacks a target. Once the target is rammed, the Klags behind form an additional stacking column that also attacks. Multiple ramming columns can effectively destroy individual targets in a short amount of time, making Klag swarms efficiently deadly.

Special Abilities: None, apart from their stacking and ramming abilities.

Loot: While Klags do not often carry much in treasure, the eyeballs are considered a delicacy in certain cultures, and can command a very favorable price, as long as they are collected and preserved quickly enough in glass jars full of brine or vinegar.


Disclaimer:  The Klag is one of many creatures that will appear in a future product released by InfiniBadger Press. It is not currently open content.

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