A Forgotten Evil Kickstarter

Mischief Inc have launched a Kickstarter to get their latest product A1 A Forgotten Evil, an old school adventure module in the classic vein, into production. The Kickstarter campaign, which started a few days ago is already on its way to reach its $5,500 funding level, ends on February 21, 2016. Pledge levels start at $5, which provides a PDF copy of the module, while the $10 pledge level offers both print and PDF versions of the product. At higher backer levels, illustration booklets for the adventure showing key points in the adventure become available. Artwork throughout the adventure includes that by Jeff Dee, Storn Cook, Bruno Balixa, Jordan Worley, Karina MacGill, and Matt Ray.

Included in the Kickstarter is the print release of F1 The Tomb of Rakoss The Undying, which is currently available PWYW as 0A The Tomb of Rakoss The Undying on both DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL] for those who pledge at least $30. This is the only way to receive this module in print.

Unlike many other game products, this particular Mischief Inc’s adventure is being promoted as having direct compatibility for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rather than one of the many D&D-alikes, such as OSRIC, although the original 0A The Tomb of Rakoss The Undying was released under the OGL.

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