Gygax Magazine to Shutter, TSR Games to Continue Publishing

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Jayson Elliot of TSR Games announced today to subscribers that Gygax Magazine is closing and will no longer produce any new issues.  Emails to subscribers included the following

“As you may have heard, Gygax Magazine has been in a trademark dispute, which we’re glad to have settled. However, Luke & Ernie Gygax have decided to withdraw for business reasons. We’re all still good friends and support each other, but as a result, we’ve decided that we will no longer publish Gygax Magazine.  Without any Gygaxes involved, it wouldn’t be right to continue it. This was a very difficult decision, and we’re so sorry to have to see it end. But there’s good news, too. We’ve got great new products coming out in 2016, and I’m very excited about what the coming year looks like.” – Jayson Elliot, TSR Games

There is no public posting yet about the change in focus, but the magazine’s Facebook presence did change its logo yesterday, and as of this morning the Gygax Magazine domain is now being forward to the TSR Games web store, although the domain is still active, allowing access to pages like the blog.

The new TSR Games Facebook logo

Although the magazine will stop operations, TSR Games will continue to produce new products, with those who have subscriptions to the magazine receiving credit for remaining issues. That credit can be used to purchase existing issues of the magazine, or any of the new products that are coming out.

The upcoming Pantheon Series from TSR Games

The upcoming Pantheon Series from TSR Games

The upcoming Pantheon Series is a series of digest-sized modules that will be available for multiple RPG systems. They will be released monthly, and include fold-out maps and will be written by many well known names such as Frank Mentzer and Merle Rasmussen among others. Although starting to be sourced from the adventures that would appear in Gygax Magazine, these products will be the main source of publishing going forward.

TSR Games are also focusing on continuing to develop their TSR Podcast Network, which has been running for some time with the two podcasts Cube of Death (a quiz show) and Game School (looking at a new RPG each episode).

The magazine has suffered from numerous challenges, not including the latest that shut it down, including releasing issues on a regular schedule (always a great challenge). Response to the magazine in the community was met with initial optimism but became mixed over time, partly in response to the release schedule.

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