Table Tuesday: Weird Space Encounters

The first of the Table Tuesdays for 2016 presents a selection of twelve potential encounters for use with your science-fiction game of choice, including the White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying [AL] game by Barrel Rider Games.

This table is dedicated to the memory of singer and actor David Bowie, who passed away on January 10, 2016 after an 18-month battle with cancer. David was very influential on me in my younger years, and I still listen to his music today.

Table 12: Weird Space Encounters

Roll Result
1 You encounter a small starship floating in space, seemingly dead and inoperative. as you approach it, a sequence of lights flash cross its hull a number of times in the same random pattern. After someone observes this three times the ship blinks out of existence.

The next time that exact same pattern is seen anywhere by that character the starship will reappear near the character that saw it. What happens then…

2 Floating in space is a single empty bio-organic spacesuit of alien shape and origin. This is not actually a spacesuit, but a space-going entity that envelops its prey and assumes the shape of its external “shell”, slowly digesting them away on the inside until nothing is left. It retains the previous shape it held when in the coldness of space or until it envelops another victim.
3 You encounter an alien race that has developed its entire culture based upon transmissions received accidentally via entertainment televideo shows transmitted by another culture. This culture has decided that the warrior race in the show with ridged foreheads and goatees that eat live worms were the ideal that their society should live up to. The problem with this is that their race is two foot tall with several other attributes that don’t match this ideal, including large eyes and fur.
4 You encounter a Junk Colony, a space station retrofitted from dozens of old starships that have been welded together to form an aging hulk that moves around star system offering trade goods. This particular Junk Colony is not like others, as it (roll a 1d8):

  1. has suffered a virulent living gelatinous virus that is still living in the air filters of the Colony. There may or may not be survivors.
  2. been taken over by an artificial intelligence who has subjugated everyone on board to its own whims and uses computer avatars of the Colony personnel to communicate with the outside world. It is attempting to get itself off of the Colony.
  3. has recently come under attack by Star Baphomets  (see entry 11) and is requesting help in defense against another assault that is due to happen.
  4. is actually a hologram being projected by a small fleet of predatory aliens who will attack as soon as their target is within range.
  5. is a Star Mimic that has taken the form of Junk Colony.
  6. a purveyor of adult-oriented entertainment services. There has recently been an outbreak of space herpes within.
  7. is xenophobic. Roll a 1d6. Odd results indicate that humans are allowed while even results indicate that only nonhumans are allowed.
  8. is actually a military space prison that is highly protected and in disguise.
5 You encounter an entire region of space that has been quarantined because ships that enter it go missing and never come back. Entering the quarantine zone leads to being transported into a bewildering reality where those on the starship are turned into NPCs that are repeatedly resurrected and used in some sort of strange alien MMO game. The only way to escape is for them to overcome the alien’s player avatar who is constantly grinding and “win the level”.
6 You come across a giant space-going nautiloid which is actually a spaceship. Upon it are a number of strange travelers who follow different rules for traversing space and time. None of them are technologically savvy, and all seem to consider technology some sort of advanced magic.
7 Your sensors pick up a number of strange noises from the deep of space. Each of the strange noises, which sounds like multiple sequential discordant musical chords, is actually a space entity that exists in this dimension as sound. Listening to them using the sensors transmits them onboard the starship, where it separates them from the others of their kind. This leads to a potentially dangerous situation. Those who are sensitive to audio or noise suffer when the entities are nearby.
8 You encounter a wormhole. The wormhole does the following (roll a 1d6):

  1. the stuff from people’s nightmares leak from it and will enter your dreams the next time you go to sleep.
  2. the wormhole is an inversion wormhole. Going through it inverts reality on one of the planes: up/down or left/right is reversed outside of the starship. This may not be immediately apparent to those inside it. Traveling the through it again may undo this, or adjust on another plane. Roll a 1d6: on odds, up/down are reversed, and on evens, left/right are reversed.
  3.  the wormhole is an exit portal from multiple bags of holding, and all manner of strange crap is just floating around it in space.
  4. the wormhole constantly flitters in and out of reality every 1d6 hours, relocating to different locations in the universe. Some are in space, while others are on planets. Some are recognizable. Most are not.
  5. the wormhole is a gateway through time. Roll a single d6, with odd results indicating it points backwards in time, while even results point into the future. Roll a 1d6 for minutes (1), hours (2), days (3), weeks (4), years (5), or centuries (6). Roll 1d100 for the amount of time.
  6. The wormhole touches another similar reality and traveling through it changes something for everyone on board the ship in their pasts.
9 You encounter a solar anomaly, where the sun in the star system is (roll 1d8):

  1. sentient
  2. a different color than normal (green, purple, multi-hued, marbled etc.)
  3. moving in an erratic pattern
  4. constantly changing size
  5. constantly changing shape
  6. giving birth to smaller suns like it
  7. eating interstellar matter to fuel itself
  8. Roll twice on this table
10 You encounter a wing of Star Baphomets who automatically engage in combat. These diabolic space knights have starfighters armed with both void cannons and corruption cannons. The void cannons cause whatever areas of another ship to be struck to be sent to the voidverse, a mirror universe, while corruption cannons causes metal to mutate into evil-laced bio-metal which then attempts to spread and consume the rest of the ship if not destroyed.
11 You encounter a single escape pod floating in space. It is empty, but obviously at some point contained a humanoid. Recordings in the escape pod detail that the humanoid was called Matt Damon. It seems he was rescued.
12 You encounter a space graveyard, the result of a terrible battle between two capable forces. (See The Graveyard at Lus [AL] for help in generating something like this.)
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