Skyscrapers & Sorcery Released on OBS

Skyscrapers & Sorcery (Sleeping Griffon Productions)

Anthony C. Hunter and Sleeping Griffon Productions have¬†released Skyscrapers & Sorcery on DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. The latest Swords & Wizardry White Box-inspired game system/setting is 6×9 format, 123 pages and costs $6.99 in PDF. ¬†Within is a cinematic setting where magic and a stunted version of real world history exists, a setting of “B-Movies and Bad Dreams”. There are six broad character classes to choose play from, with magic being occult-based, and a skill system that allows play expansion. A number of different creatures and monsters are included for play, but as this game is based on S&W White Box, there’s already a huge amount of creatures available to also include for play from various incarnations of S&W and other games that use similar systems, which allows you to make a truly terrifying almost-modern horror setting of your own.

A print version of the book is coming soon and will sell for $9.99. Those who buy it in PDF will be offered a discount against the final print price if they wish to purchase that as well.


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