RuneQuest 6 To Continue Under New Name

In a recent post to The Design Mechanism forums, it was announced that RuneQuest 6 is to be renamed going forward. This is partly to do with Chaosium‘s decision to pursue all future RuneQuest properties based on the RuneQuest 2 rules, which are the subject of a current Kickstarter campaign to bring it back into print. Although the new name has not been announced yet and The Design Mechanism will no longer be working on any RuneQuest properties, the name change does allow the company to develop further additional properties away from the RuneQuest brand.

There is no indication that current RuneQuest 6 properties will not continue to be sold, and digital copies of various products are still available to buy on OneBookShelf, including:

The Design Mechanism online store also carries a limited amount of Runequest 6 products, and POD products can be purchased from The Design Mechanism’s Lulu storefront too. Lulu physical purchases are also entitled to a PDF copy of the same title.

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