Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls Kickstarter

Matthew Lowes is running an old-school inspired Kickstarter to fund his Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls solo adventure  game, which uses Tarot Cards to help design a dungeon and play out what happens in it for a single solo player. Developed originally using a standard deck of playing cards as the Tomb of Four Kings (PDF download), this Kickstarter aims to provide a custom 90-card Tarot deck to backers for play along with an updated and improved game. The artwork for the card deck is being created by artist Josephe Vandel. The campaign, which is running until December 24, 2015, has already raised its base funding goal of $3,500 and started unlocking its higher level rewards.

Dungeon Solitaire Card Sample by Josephe Vandel (Dungeon Solitaire Kickstarter)

While this Kickstarter is for to support the Dungeon Solitaire game itself, the cards can also be used in many old school games as Tarot Cards or as a replacement deck for The Deck of Many Things, or as a way to help design party-based dungeons.

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