Stonehell Dungeon: Into the Heart of Hell Released

Stonehell Dungeon: Into The Heart of Hell (Michael Curtis)

Michael Curtis has released the final long-awaited sequel forĀ Stonehell Dungeon. TitledĀ Stonehell Dungeon: Into The Heart of Hell on Lulu. The 168 page publication costs $9.00 for the PDF version or $18.00 for the print version. This expansion to the original dungeon provides almost another 600 rooms, 70 unique monsters, and 13 new magical items. Although written for Labyrinth Lord [AL], it can easily be used with other old school fantasy system.

It is not a standalone product and needs he original dungeon Stonehell Dungeon: Down Night-Haunted Halls, which can also be purchased in PDF for $6.50 or in print for $13.00.

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