Bundle of Nerves +3

Silent Legions (Sine Nomine Publishing)

The Bundle of Holding has released its most recent bundle The Bundle of Nerves +3, which is running until October 2, 2015. Although most of the packages that come in it are not really classified as old school gaming products, it does include Sine Nomine Publishing’s Silent Legions [AL] in its lowest pledge level. This game on its own normally retails for $19.99 in PDF, but you can get it and the Savage Worlds Deluxe [AL] and Savage Worlds Horror Companion [AL] as well as Dead Teenager [AL] for $11.95.

Even although the rest of the products in the bundle are old-school, including Accursed, RippersShadows of Esteren, and Noctum they do contain lots of content that can be used as inspiration or with some modification by old school gamers.

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