Castle Gargantua released on OBS

Castle Gargantua (Kabuki Kaiser)

Kabuki Kaiser has released its megadungeon product Castle Gargantua on DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. The 114 page publication, which provides a megadungeon drawn at a scale much larger than the normal-sized megadungeons to accommodate the giants who inhabited it is available is PDF for $5.00 ($6.90 normally), in Softcover for $9.99, and in Hardcover for $19.99. Print options come with the PDF for free as an option. The megadungeon is designed to be system-agnostic and for use with any old school fantasy system, and the PDF is bookmarked for ease of use.

The page for the product states that the megadungeon is “[t]he biggest dungeon ever published by the OSR”, but while it may be the largest with regards to room size scale, there are other megadungeons such as Rappan Athuk [AL], Dwimmermount [AL], and the classic Undermountain that may deserve that title more with regards to content, number of rooms, and other factors like loot. It’ll be up to you to decide…

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