Footprints Issue 23 Released

Footprints Issue 23 (Dragonsfoot)

The latest issue of the free Footprints magazine from Dragonsfoot has been released. Issue 23 of the magazine that focuses on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons is 73 pages in size and contains articles on lycanthropes, a new Slayer player class, a look at centaurs, information on gear encumbrance, an exploration of alchemy, human and halfling background tables, and more. There are three adventures included, with the first being a tower-based adventure titled No Bones About It for AD&D 2nd Edition for 2-5 characters of levels 3-4. The second is B11a: Priest’s Errand which is an expansion for the B11: King’s Festival [AL] Basic module for 5-7 characters of 1st level. The third adventure is Citadel of the Carrion Eaters for AD&D 1st Edition and characters of levels 10-14.


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