Read An RPG Book In Public Week 3 is Sept 27-Oct 3

This week is the third Read an RPG Book in Public Week of 2015, a program started by Bill¬†Walton of the Escapist RPG advocacy website, and it runs September 27 to October 3. The advocacy site, which won its second Ennie Award (first Gold for 2015, Silver for 2013) has been promoting this visibility program for¬†RPGs for a number of years. Of the three weeks promoted throughout the year, the third one runs to coincide with Dave Arneson’s birthday on October 1, while the other two are linked to Gary Gygax. As Dave is just as responsible for much of our hobby and our OSR community, this is a nice little nod to his contribution. If you’re interested in participating, simply read an RPG book in public. That’s it. If you want to share with Bill what you did, or any photos, to help advocate the hobby, he provides contact directions on the program page at the Escapist website.

It should be stated that Bill’s site is not to be confused with the other Escapist Magazine website which came later, and although does provide some tabletop gaming content, doesn’t have a focus on gaming advocacy.

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