FAQ for CRPGs based on AD&D 2nd Edition

With the recent release of Beamdog’s Enhanced Edition updates of the Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale Computer RPGs as well as GOG‘s recent release of many classic DOS-based Forgotten Realms games (I, II, III), there’s been a renewed interest in the core ruleset that powers this: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

For many players being introduced to these games, the underlying mechanics may seem archaic or challenging to understand, and the idea of having to purchase a bunch of digital or print books to really get to understand how to play the games can be a deal-breaker. Luckily enough for the digital gamer generation (and those who didn’t play these games the first time around), there’s a FAQ that’s been online since 2000 that covers all of these games, distilling some of the core rules of the games into an easy-to-read and understand document, including the dreaded THAC0. Written by Dan Simpson over a six year period (2000-2005), the Baldur’s Gate GameFAQ also serves as a handy reference to have at your side as you play/replay the games, and serves as a reminder of the continued love that this type of gaming has had over the years. There’s also a raw text version that can be downloaded [TXT].

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