Matt Finch’s Old School Methods Series

Matt Finch, of Mythmere Games and creator of Swords & Wizardry [AL], is running an excellent series of blog posts over at his Mythmere blog where he is looking at converting from new school D&D to old school approaches in play.

The current posts in the series are:

  1. Old School Conversion Methods Part One – Theory
  2. Old School conversions 2: Acrobatics
  3. Old School Methods 3: Appraisal Skill
  4. Old School Methods 4: Climbing etc.
  5. Old School Methods 5: Diplomacy and Disable Device
  6. Old School Methods 6: Disguise and Escape Artist
  7. Old School Methods 7: Fly

If you’re interested in how to play old school games or create for them, or in how Matt approaches adventure and game design, these posts are worth checking out.

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