The Lost Lands: The Northlands Complete Kickstarter

Frog God Games have launched their latest Kickstarter to support their Lost Lands line The Lost Lands: The Northlands Saga Complete. Picking up where the original Northlands modules [AL] left off, this campaign is designed to provide an entire adventure path for both Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry allowing players to take their characters from levels 1-20 in a massive 800+ page tome. The largest book produced by Frog God Games since their The Slumbering Tsar [AL] campaign (which is for Pathfinder only), this is also the most expensive Kickstarter book they have released as well, even higher than the one for Razor Coast. The base PDF pledge is $45, and getting access to the hardcover will cost at least $125. One thing that Frog God Games does with their hardcovers is use quality sewn-stitch binding that is similar to those used in academic textbooks and expensive library books, making sure that the binding stays intact for years; this is part of the reason for the high premium on their print products, and why it is often expensive to source their hardcovers outside of the United States.

The campaign is looking to raise $62,000 and ends on Oct 2, 2015. Shipping is not included in pledge levels but is being added after the campaign ends using Backerkit, as this allows a more accurate way to handle specific shipping for each backer. There are a small number of add-ons currently available, but more will be added in Backerkit, including other Lost Lands titles.

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