Jim Ward Hospital Fundraisers

Jim Ward, one of the founders of old school gaming and creator of the Metamorphosis Alpha [AL] game among other products, is back in hospital to receive care for an ongoing health issue, leaving him with mounting hospital bills. This has caused a number of people to step up with fundraising activities to help alleviate them.

John Popson is running an official GoFundMe campaign, which blew past its initial goal of $1000 yesterday in less than 12 hours. The goal has been revised to $5000 today after the generous outpouring from members of the gaming community. Donations can also be made anonymously.

Taylor Frank, creator and publisher of Dungeon Lord, is raffling off his own copy of his Kickstarter Boxed Deluxe Collectors Edition of Metamorphosis Alpha. The raffle will be running until August 17, 2015. Taylor will then run a Google Hangout to show the drawing of the winner from a hat. Raffle tickets are $5 each, and multiples can be bought. Secondary raffles are being run for some other Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG [AL] products for $3 and the author’s proof of the first issue of Dungeon Lord for $1.

James M. Spahn of Barrel Rider Games is auctioning off his first set of proof copies of the White Star RPG to help raise funds for Jim. There are two copies of the book, one hardcover and one softcover, with the softcover filled with author editing notes. The auction is open until August 21, 2015 with bids for each of the items to be emailed to James at the details in his Google+ post. Bidding is open to international bidders, as Paypal is being used to collect funds. There are only two sets of each of these books in existence, and only one of these books has author’s notes in them.

White Star RPG Proofs (James M. Spahn Google+)

Other ways that you can can support Jim is in the purchase of his properties sold directly through his company WardCo, which are available on DriveThruRPG [AL], RPGNow [AL], and Lulu.

Disclaimer: I performed graphic design, layout, and editing for White Star.

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