The Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Kickstarter

GP Adventures LLC, run by Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.’s and Benoist Poiré, has launched a Kickstarter to release Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.’s Hobby Shop Dungeon sandbox setting campaign, beginning with The Marmoreal Tomb Starter . The Hobby Shop Dungeon setting was originally created by Ernest, Gary Gygax’s first son, in 1978 during his days as a clerk at the famous store that its offices above, and the dungeon was used to run games at the store itself. The Marmoreal Tomb Starter is the introduction to the wider Hobby Shop Dungeon, presenting a Gygaxian style of play for original rules sets and newer versions of Dungeons & Dragons. The campaign is looking for $20,000 US to fund and has almost already reached this since launching yesterday, and will stay running until September 2, 2015. There are a number of pledge levels offering digital and print rewards, including some that do not offer the stretch goal rewards that affect the main product. There are a number of stretch goals including maps, cover art by Jeff Easley, and conversion for other systems, as well as a large number of add-on items such as paper miniatures, music, and player guides that can be added.

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