TORG: Eternity and The Dark Eye Updates Announced

TORG: Eternity (Ulisses Spiele)

Ulisses Spiele has announced that the classic game of multiversal dimensional combat TORG [AL] will be returning with the release of a “fresh” look at its setting and system called TORG: Eternity. Being developed by its US arm, the game, where players play Storm Knights attempting to stop different realities from overwhelming each other, will be released as a full-color hardcover in 2016. The game is receiving an updated and modernized game system, taking it away from the system that was originally developed by West End Games, and is being developed by Shane Lacy Hensley of Pinnacle Entertainment Group who is heading up the development team.

In addition to working on TORG: Eternity, Shane is also working on the newest edition of The Dark Eye, also developed by Ulisses Spiele. A previous edition of the game was released in English by Fanpro, but has been unavailable for some time. This new version of the game will be a 400 page color book that has updated rules and incorporates reference cards for play. Quickstart rules for The Dark Eye are available to download [PDF].

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