Wandering Wednesday: Killgull

What once were normal gulls that fed upon fish and other detritus thrown away in ports and over the sides of ships, Killgulls appeared during a series of strange events that happened the Eastern seaport of Jashruk: a blood-red comet passed overhead, the first-born of all families within the city were found in a strange magical coma that has not yet been broken, three-headed animals were born for a complete season, and more (it was also rumored that the Sultan’s beautiful daughter was turned into a raging monster that devoured her siblings and is now locked within a dungeon deep under the great city itself). The first reports of Killgulls came during a moonless evening as a large trading galley from Asharaf entered the harbor of Jashruk. A swarm of gulls descended upon the ship, and as usual the sailors tried to shoo and chase them away as they normally did. Rather than turning tail, the gulls descended upon the sailors, attacking them and ripping and rending them apart using their elongated beaks. Those that did not die from these wounds died from the poison passed into their wounds from the birds’ bites, dying slowly as the poison passed through them. Before the harbor authorities could get to the ship, the gulls had already stripped half the crew of most of the meat on their bodies, with only those able to lock themselves inside the ship able to be saved. Since then, Killgulls have not only been a hazard that can be encountered on the water at Jashruk but have spread along the coast to other settlements and cities. This has led to many settlements and ships posting “gull watches” with archers who are trained to fire upon airborne birds, and a rise in these specialist archers hiring themselves out for some of the best board and benefits that settlements can provide.



Alignment: Chaotic
No. Encountered:
 8d8 in a flock
Move: Fly 180′ (60′) ,
Level Dice:  1d4 hit points
Armor Class: 9 [10]
Attacks:  1 bite (1d6)
Special Attacks: See below
Save: F1
Special Abilities: See below
Loot: See below

Special Movement: Killgulls will swarm and attack targets. When more than 4 of them attack the same target, the target gains a -4 penalty to attack any of them due to the distraction of being swarmed. Additionally, if any live creature falls to the ground, it will instantly attract a swarm of up to 2d4 Killgulls who will attack it without mercy.

Killgulls will also divebomb into targets, doing 1d4 damage for every 10 feet they move. At the end of a divebomb, they will try to land feet first on the target and bite them.

Special Attacks: Killgull bites are also poisonous. Those that fail a Save against Poison when bitten will end up falling into catatonia in 1d6+2 rounds, falling to the floor and unable to move, whereupon any remaining Killgulls will swarm onto them to feed. The catatonia lasts for 1d6 turns. Those suffering from the catatonia can make a new Save check every turn after the first failed one to come out of the catatonia early.

Special Abilities: None.

Loot: Killgulls are not picky eaters and often will bite off ears and fingers, swallowing them whole. Killing them and opening their gizzards will often find rings and earrings, as well as often pearls or pendants from necklaces, that have not been ejected in their droppings. This is another way that Killgull Archers become quite wealthy. Killgull poison is one of the tools of the trade of many assassins and thieves, and collects a premium if the poison glands can be harvested from the creatures.


Disclaimer:  The Killgull is one of many creatures that will appear in a future product released by InfiniBadger Press. It is not currently open content.

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