Table Tuesday: In The Sea Monster’s Belly

Table Tuesday is back!  You’re on the high seas and a terrible, horrible sea monster has swallowed you! What else is here with you inside the belly of the beast?

Table 11: In the Sea Monster’s Belly

Roll Result
1 Another smaller whale is inside this whale. On the roll of die, even rolls indicate it is still alive, while odd rolls indicate it is dead. If it is alive, it attempts to eat everything else in the stomach.
2 Nothing except a large build-up of methane, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide from the rotting food it has consumed. These gasses are explosive and are slowly building up the pressure within the whale over the next 1d6+2 hours. Failure to leave the whale’s stomach by then will result in death due to crushing. Before that, continue saves against the terrible stench must be made every hour at increasing difficulty to stay conscious.
3 A large ten foot island floating of its own accord. Upon which sits a miniature coral city next to a miniature forest of kelp-like trees. Many hundreds of small marine monkey-like creatures about a quarter-inch tall run amok on the island, chattering in a strange language.
4 A small sailing boat containing a boy made of wood, a sentient talking grasshopper, and a pissed off cat.
5 A large black sailing ship, seemingly rotting and falling apart lists in the water of the whale’s belly. On board the ship, a group of pirates led by an Irishman with a fondness for apples and a pet monkey on his shoulder, attempts to find a way out of the creature. They are know to those with knowledge of pirates as Hectorossa and his pirate crew of The Pinctada.
6 A group of teenagers who are the children of gods intent on finding their way to the Isle of the Cyclops.
7 A small sailboat containing 1d20+10 strange white three foot tall creatures that appear to be ghost-like entities. Although the creatures have no faces, a pair of human-like eyes appears near the top of their “heads” and “hands” appear from the midpoint of both sides of their body. They make no sound and make baleful stares at everyone else. After some time they leave their boats and swarm around others, staring at them constantly.
8 A group of 1d6 sahuagin and their shark mounts are also trapped here and attack immediately.
9 100 bright yellow ducks made out of a strange and tough material with brightly painted red bills and white gaping eyes with black outlines. Roll 1d100 to determine the number of these that are “alive”, swimming around of their own accord, and quacking incessantly. They do 1d4 nip damage with their bills if anyone gets too close and will swarm on anyone who attacks them.
10 A strange metal saucer that is over sixty feet in length and that has a small bulge in the center of it. It is made of a smooth metal that is magically resistant and strange glyphs mark the edges of the saucer. Every hour the glyphs flash into life in a random sequence accompanied by low-level bass notes for 1 turn. Saves must be made against psionics or else suffer 1d6 hit points of damage from nosebleed-inducing headaches caused by this.


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