A Treasure Trove of D&D Gamer History

An early copy of D&D discovered in the trove (Gonzo History)

Over at James Holloway’s Gonzo History: Gaming Edition blog, that’s a fantastic post that takes a look at a¬†treasure trove of early Dungeons & Dragons gaming discovered in a good friend’s father’s effects after he had died. If you’ve been reading or have read¬†Designers & Dragons: The 70s [AL] or even Playing At The World [AL], this article is going to be of interest to you, as it opens a doorway into the history of Dungeons & Dragons early years from a gamer perspective in the United Kingdom. The amount of gaming artifacts discovered is incredible, from beautiful maps covering many different aspects of play, to hand-written reports, to play by post updates, language notes, other ludic elements. The campaign that was being run was massive, sprawling, and quite frankly, amazing. In today’s world of digital ephemera seeing this sort of material from the early days of the hobby shows just how dedicated some players of the game truly were and what was done without the benefit of the instantaneous worldwide connections we all take for granted today.

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