Starvation Cheap Kickstarter for Stars Without Number

Kevin Crawford and Sine Nomine Publishing are running another Kickstarter, this time for an expansion for the sci-fi game Stars Without Number [AL] called Starvation Cheap, which provides sandbox military and mercenary campaigns. The sourcebook is 110 pages in size and provides a slew of options for use in both the free and paid versions of the game, including details on modern military ground units, planetary conflicts, mass combat, and lots of hardware for war. The campaign has already gone over twice its base funding of $3,000 US, and ends on August 16, 2015. Like previous Kickstarters, Kevin is offering pledge levels with at-cost access to books through OneBookShelf, with $10 getting access to the PDF, and $15 getting access to the POD option on top of that. Unlike previous ones though, this book is going to be in color. Stretch goals include allowing access to hardcovers and e-reader versions of the text, and releasing all of the artwork for public usage as he has done for his other Kickstarter projects.

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