Myth & Magic Not Quite Dead Yet?

One of the more notorious OSR-focused Kickstarters is that of New Haven Games’ Myth & Magic, which ran two Kickstarters for an updated inspired version of Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition. The first Kickstarter was for the Player’s Guide, while the second was for the Game Master’s Guide. Both projects have suffered from a number of problems, mostly in the form of non-communication and no-delivery of rewards, but earlier this year there was some movement on the Player’s Guide and many received some (if not all) of the rewards (including myself). At this time there was a beta PDF released of the Game Master’s Guide to backers, but everything went silent again.

Today, in an unexpected backer-only update posted on the Kickstarter for that product to backers, there was news that the Game Master’s Guide was almost ready to progress to layout and was waiting some backer contributions to be inserted, and as soon as it is done, a PDF of the finished book will be released to backers. After that work will commence on a combined Player’s Guide and Game Master’s Guide published as a compendium called the Collector’s Complete edition. This will most likely be released in PDF and POD.

There are some outstanding issues with the Player’s Guide Kickstarter, with some backers of the Player’s Guide have stated that they still haven’t received rewards due from it. Hopefully those issues will be resolved, and these Kickstarters can be brought to completion. There has been discussion in the past of combining shipments of both sets of books to International backers.

The full text of the backer update reads:

Hi Guys and Gals,

I wanted to quickly update you to let you know that we have started upon the task of adding, editing and finalizing the backer content for the GMG that is being provided by the highest level backers. Once the backer content is finalized, a complete PDF will be provided before going to the printer.

An email was sent out last week with information on how to submit your backer content for the GMG if you haven’t already done so. If you are a high-level backer and have not yet received the email, please check your spam box.

Once the base GMG is complete, work will begin on compiling the hardcover book that will contain both the PG and GMG. Unfortunately, the bit about Evermyst can not be included in the omnibus version. Some other modifications to the bonus content will also need to be addressed, but that is influx at the moment and will be reactive to the budget constraints. The goal is to get the books done and shipped as fast as possible, with the bonus material taking a second seat at the moment.

Things are progressing toward the completion of the books, which we’re very excited about! My apologies again for the delays.


Originally well-received when the free non-Kickstarter Starter versions of the Player’s Guide [AL] and the Game Master’s Guide [AL] were released, much of the support and community surround the game have soured based on the events surrounding completion of both Kickstarters.

The full version of the Myth & Magic Player’s Guide is available for $12.99 on DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL].

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