Bloody Basic: Sinew & Steel Released

John Stater has released his magic- and supernatural-free version of Bloody Basic, titled Bloody Basic: Sinew & Steel on Lulu as a PDF for $6.99. The condensed version of the Blood & Treasure Complete [AL] game is focused on presenting a streamlined edition of the game, with variations such as this one, which allows for play in a more “realistic medieval” setting, all in 32 pages. A print version of this book will be soon available to purchase.

In this version of the game, races are changed to social rankings, there are three specific classes for the genre (Armsman, Scholar, and Villein), and some mass combat rules. The more fantastical monsters have been removed from game. While most fantasy OSR-games operate with high-fantasy trappings, this version of Blood & Treasure acts as a strong foundation for crafting your own low-magic setting by initially eliminating it completely and allowing you to build it back into the game in whatever fashion you desire.



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