Seventh Sanctum Random Generators

Steve Savage runs the Seventh Sanctum, a fantastic resource full of random generators that you can use for your games, much of it system-neutral and which works as a great starting point for developing characters, creatures, or even entire worlds. Each of the types of generators are broken down into different categories and given their own page, with multiple different types of generators in each category. There’s really too many to list them all here, but alien race names, tavern names, new diseases, monster names, martial arts moves, rituals names, potions, and quest items are some of the generators that can be found here. You’re most likely going to spend some time at this site generating lots of potential content for use in your games.

Also on the site is The Codex, which is the main blog/newsletter and includes updates on the site and which comes with an RSS feed that you can use to get access to all the latest updates.

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