Dark Albion: The Rose War Released

Dark Albion: The Rose War (DOM Publishing)

The latest OSR product from RPGPundit Dark Albion: The Rose War has been released. The 275-page fantasy RPG setting is an alternative take on medieval England during the War of the Roses, incorporating a number of fantastical elements that has been designed for use Dominique Crouzet’s Fantastic Heroes and Witchery [AL], but can also be used with many other old school fantasy systems. It is available in PDF for $9.95 from both DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. Print copies can be purchased from Lulu, where there are two hardcovers available for $29.24: the standard or an alternative cover. A softcover is also available via Amazon for $22.00, and a hardcover is expected to be available from there soon too.

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