Threshold Issue 8 Released

The Vaults of Pandius have released Issue 8 of Threshold Magazine, the magazine that continues to explore and support play in the world of Mystara. In this issue, titled Warlords of Norwold, the second part of an article exploring Norwold is included, there is a exposé of those who are attempting to claim a dominion in the area, an exploration of characters to be found in the Wyrmsteeth, details about Kundrak, and an article on further adapting Night Below for use in Mystara.

Although the main download page for the magazine doesn’t yet show a download for this issue, it can be downloaded directly using a link to the PDF [PDF]. All of the maps from this issue and others are available for download in higher resolution from the website too.

In this issue the call for contributors mentions that Issue 9 will focus on Hollow World, while future issues will look at Glantri, the Isle of Dawn, Thyatis, and Alphatia.

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