The Outer Presence Kickstarter

Venger Satanis and Kort’thalis Publishing return to Kickstarter again to help publish another product, but this time instead of the pulp fantasy that is normally published, The Outer Presence is an investigative horror scenario. There are other differences from previous Kickstarters as well in that other products from Kort’thalis are not available in this package, and the only product being released is a PDF of the adventure, which will be around 20 pages in size. Pledging at the $5 level gets you the adventure, and the campaign is looking for $500 by July 19, 2015 to fund purchasing artwork for the adventure.

If you’re a fan of Sine Nomine Publishing’s Silent Legions [AL], this Kickstarter may be of interest to you. This campaign is one of the rising trends of PDF-only rewards being offered by various publishers for RPG products, which is growing just as much as the POD-at-cost approach that many are utilizing using the crowdfunding support facilities of OneBookShelf, which offers a great deal of benefits over traditional large print runs that have to be shipped overseas. For many large projects this makes sense, but for small projects such as 20 page PDFs, Kickstarter as a platform may work (and there are a number of publishers doing this) but this further validates the crowdfunding-as-preorder view that many have, and this may not necessarily be a good thing.

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