Gorgon, Crowdsourced Community Magazine Announced

Gorgon Quarterly (Gorgonmilk blog)

Gorgon Quarterly (Gorgonmilk blog)

Greg Gorgonmilk has launched Gorgon Quarterly, a crowdsourced approach to collecting content from the OSR community and releasing it as a large Print On Demand compendium each quarter. Rather than following the traditional process involved in putting together a magazine with full editorial processes and workflow, the compendium will be made up monographs provided by submitters already formatted and designed for inclusion into issue. These will then be compiled into a single publication.

Each of the issues will be released under the ORC Community Designation and sold at cost via Lulu when issue are finally available. The first product released under this was Richard LeBlanc’s recent release of the crowdsourced Petty Gods [AL], which has been downloaded over a thousand times.

Greg is actively seeking submissions for the publication, and has created a Google+ Community for those interested in taking part, which is currently a flurry of activity.

Updated 6/22 to change some wording regarding ORC from License to Designation.

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